Personalized media for industry-focused,
trade, and 
membership organizations


Why send your members and customers away to spend money with generic newswire services?  Let DIGI create a press release distribution platform that will grow your bottom line and  distribute your customers’ syndicated press releases to subscribers and industry media contacts all over the world. 


Trade and membership organizations are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their value-proposition while generating ancillary revenue. CustomWire is a private-label wire service that will help your members and customers reach industry-specific professionals and businesses through radio, television, newspapers, magazines and online outlets.  We have developed a customized and user-friendly media distribution solution that delivers results to your customers.


We curate lists of relevant media contacts and then provide a platform to distribute news to an extended network of news outlets and journalists.  We also have the capability to index your members’ news releases on major search engines.  Leverage CustomWire and maximize your Web site’s search engine optimization (SEO) potential while creating a dynamic new source of revenue and value-proposition for your customers.