brand identity
let us help you select, package, and present the promise of your brand

Defining your brand identity is much like selecting, packaging, and presenting a gift. You want the recipient to be pleased with the offering -- and that includes everything from the outer wrapping, to the style of packaging inside, to the gift delivery, to the usefulness and appropriateness of the actual gift itself. You want the recipient to understand that forethought and heart went into the selection of the gift, and that it was chosen out of compassion and understanding. And you want it to represent the love you have for, in this case, your customers!

creative & advertising
use the law of attraction to get your organization noticed

Our creative solutions build upon the hidden and often undiscovered source of energy from your brand.  We add value to your business by capturing the essence of all that it represents, in a design synonymous with a strong sense of identity and direction. Time, experience, and your needs are put into creating an ideal design.   DIGI’s strength is our ability to interpret a client’s vision and produce collateral, corporate stationery, and advertising that communicates that vision most effectively and appropriately.

talent communications
stay focused on your craft while we nurture your relationships with the media

We help coordinate and facilitate talent participation in key PR and Marketing initiatives such as still photo shoots and live performances as well as charity and industry events.  Let our experts coordinate your participation in key new media initiatives, such as web based promos, interviews and other on-line and social media publicity.  We also perform services such as writing bios and pitching media to build exposure to your creative brand.

website development
grow an online presence where form and function go hand in hand

Your website is one place where people judge you by the cover.  How customers interact with your website directly impacts your bottom line.  An attractive website can have a significant effect on initial customer perceptions while a rewarding and meaningful user experience makes the process from interest to conversion easier.  We save you money by searching for and identifying beautiful and functional web templates across multiple platforms and honing in on the ideal creative foundation to begin your customization project.