Davenport Innovation Group Inc. (DIGI) identifies the hidden and often undiscovered source of power companies have deep within their product and service offerings that creates connection with consumers and motivates them to join, buy, and remain loyal to your brand.  We build “sticky” constituencies by drawing out the value proposition that connects to consumers on a deeper, more powerful level.


DIGI serves as a partner to talent, companies, and associations seeking purpose, direction, focus, clarity and consistency in messages to their customers.  Once we discern key emotional elements, they are arranged in order of impact upon your audience and we develop the creative framework that will serve as the foundation for all of your internal and external brand communications.


Moreover, DIGI has its own portfolio of private brands including: MyHiddenGym.com and 1865Company.com -- we also manage communications and publicity for a host of entertainment and professional talent clients.


Let DIGI draw upon our broad and deep expertise in technology, constituency, and identity development to cultivate convincing and compelling reasons for your audience to not only trust in, but remain loyal to your brand--Contact us today!


about us

Patrice Davenport, Principal

Patrice, is a marketing strategist who is passionate about building innovative programs and brands, leveraging more than 12 years of marketing and communications experience, as well as an intensive focus on utilizing stakeholder feedback to strategically expand market-share and ROI. She enjoys cultivating dynamic partnerships to address unique constituent needs and grow the visibility and influence of small businesses, membership organizations, and creative talent.

She founded the historically-inspired executive gift and fine jewelry collection 1865 Company. In addition to her obsession with cultivating dynamic, growth-focused membership programs she is interested in community development, history, architecture, design and real estate. Patrice holds a BA degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California, and a Master of Public Policy degree from Georgetown University.

Kinetic, adj. (kə-nět'ĭk) 

The energy possessed by a system 

or object as a result of its motion.